July 20, 2011

A late, late, late post

I actually had to view my blog first to remember what my last post was. -_-"

Hey, it's been a while. (Not that anyone cares... anyway)

I'm chin-deep in assignments, committee, and organization works. This is the main reason of my loooong absence from blogging. Beside, I really want to blog about the Thailand vacation but the most the photos were taken with my step father's camera and my laptop simply refuses to read the memory card.

It's totally an omen, right? (Of course not.)

So, I'm going to wait for those photo before the Thailand vacation storytelling can begin.

On a darker note...

Last assignments (crude translation from 'Tugas Akhir', a.k.a. the most important assignment, a.k.a. major, major, majorly important assignment, a.k.a. a huge pain in the a**) are taking their toll on me. Most of my friends who are not taking Operation Management and HR Management can relax, I guess, but noooo, I just had to take them both. Meaning double last assignments.

Though I have to say I thoroughly enjoy learning OM and HRM. They're my highlights amidst... microeconomics. That class is a total disaster. I have to catch up. But I've been watching youtube videos and napping this evening. It's crazy. I'm such a procrastinator.

*slaps myself on the face*

Wake up, Maria! Final exams (even bad-der than last assignments!) are NEXT WEEK. *does crazy dance - crazy, desperate, stressful dance*


No, I didn't slap you. I slapped myself.

A little unimportant note about me: I talk to myself a lot when I'm stressed. And my post just reflects that.  Okay, I'm going to stop here.



Pauline Lay said...

mar, just realized that i haven't mentioned to you about my new blog until now -..- and yes, i read your blog post and follow all of them its just that sometimes i dont know what to put in this comment box hehe
anyway, now that you're free from final week i really hope that we could meet before i go back to kampung jagung :)
best of luck, mar!

link to my new blog that i stupidly forgot to tell you: http://paulinelay.blogspot.com
and i am also active in tumblr now:
http://paulinelay.tumblr.com [if im not mistaken, i completely forget if this is the right link, usually google chrome already does everything for me, i just have to type 'pau' and the link is there]

oh my, this has become a really long comment, so sorry :p

Pauline Lay said...

okay my bad, my tumblr page is paulinelayS.tumblr.com
ga penting sih tp daripada nyasar kan hehehe