July 03, 2011

After Mid Exams and Going on Vacation!


<3 my hair today! Lol. I guess 15 hours of sleep did good for my health and hair. 

It's been a while.

So the mid exams are finally OVER *crazy dance*. Microeconomics, suffice to say, was a disaster. MO and MSDM on the other hand... well, I have a good feeling about them. :D

The weird thing is that I had trouble sleeping the two days of the exams. I almost didn't sleep. I slept for like, 3 hours, I think, for the whole two days. I tried to sleep early but I was like in hyper-mode. My eyes were open the whole night.

Well the hell-ish experience is over because I slept like a rock the night after the exam. I slept at around nine o'clock (That's early for me! Just look at the time stamp on this post :P) and woke up at six because of my alarm clock. But I was still so dizzy, nauseated, and I had a slight fever. I texted Febrina and Rika that I couldn't make it to the BEM team building, and went back to sleep until noon.

Even then I still felt nauseated, although not as dizzy and the fever was gone. So I managed to get myself up and went to the station, and went home. I stumbled into Yeta at the train, what a coincidence. :)

Moving on to the next topic...

I will go to Thailand on July 6th until 11th. Woohoo! For a vacation. With my family.

Mom's sunglasses. This is me in vacation mood. :9

I'm currently packing my briefcase. Unfortunately, I still have a couple of stuff from my boarding house I want to carry. Namely... clothes. For sleeping. I don't have a lot here at my house because I spend more time at the boarding house than here.

I still have stuff bugging my mind. Namely... a magazine. I haven't started AT ALL. I'm going to. Tomorrow. And there's this form.


Okay, okay. Sleep first. Not having much done being sick.


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Jack david said...

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