September 04, 2011

My New Blog

As promised, my new blog.


August 25, 2011

This entry can potentially be the last entry for this blog

It's been two weeks since my last post but it feels like a million years have passed since then.

I guess that's the effect of the holiday.

Here's the bomb. After much thought (okay, not so much... five minutes of thought... in the middle of the night... [blind morning, as the Indonesian phrase goes] for the past couple of days...), I've decided to discontinue this blog.

Not blogging, just this blog.

I don't feel joy like I used to when I post entries to this blog. Suffice to say has been the longest blog I've ever held. Almost two years.

I also feel like I've changed a lot. People change. Not completely, but some aspects do change. I feel it in me. I used to hate cooking to the point of not knowing where things are in my own kitchen. Now I cook everyday and I don't feel burdened by it. (Well it's either cook or starve..)

I'm also in college now, stepping into my second year in just a couple of weeks. This blog is a disarray of entries, perfectly showing my messy - yet incredible - high school (and first year of college) moments.

I just feel like it's time.

This blog will always be a part of me and I won't delete it. I guess I won't blog for some time... my next blog must definitely have some sense and a recurring theme. It may be on a different platform. Wordpress, maybe? Or back to livejournal? I don't know.

Regarding recent events in my life...

Holiday has been going on for almost a month but I haven't felt much of it up until this week. Orientation thing - been busy. And after that's over, I still have some committee things to do.

I love doing the committee things - designing stamps, cover for the proposals, the banners...

But I've decided to take a break and submerge myself into the holiday completely for just a few days (starting today, actually... okay... after I send out the revised stamp design...) - not long, just until the end of this week.

By submerging myself completely into the holidays I mean lazing around being completely and absolutely unproductive at home without the guilt. I've been lazing around (I confess) but I feel guilty nearly all the time and I always do some designs at night. Even managed to slip one last night (or tonight, since I haven't slept) before I began to read Alice Academy manga from volume 17 until 24... online.

My biological clock is a mess. And because of that I spend a lot of time in the middle of the night, thinking things that should be thought - things that make me sad - things that I've quite forgotten. And forgetting those things was actually bad for me because I felt like I had been going through my days feeling nothing - completely numb.

Well, some of you may have guessed but the thoughts are about my dad. I miss him a lot. There's a reason my bio-clock is a mess - I want to sleep when I'm extra tired so I won't have dreams. Cause my dreams are mostly about him, and when I have those dreams I really, really wish I won't wake up. Then I woke up and felt miserable for the rest of the day.

I usually delete this kind of entry and start over from scratch but not today. This entry is special because it's my last entry here. ...Or not, but that's totally up to me because I can change my mind anytime.

I need to tidy up my room, write a fiction for a short-story competition, go shopping (need some sort of versatile converse-like shoes), and go through a really nice diet so I can get healthier.

The thing is, I have a love-hate relationship with sleeping. I'd like not to need it that much, but the fact is I need approximately 10 hours of sleep everyday to keep my hyped up and productive for the rest of the day. Why can't I have 5 hours instead? If I sleep now, I'll wake up feeling refreshed at whopping four p.m. It's crazy!

Sorry that I'm diverting again. But anyway. Last post. Yeah.

It's been fun. :)


PS. NOT THE LAST ENTRY! I'll post about my new blog and its address, definitely!

*Waves goodbye*

... Still not publishing this post.

....... Seriously considering clicking the button 'save now' instead of 'publish post'.

For once, I don't want to be burdened with the thought of not posting anything. I'll start anew with my new blog some time in the future. For now, I just want to enjoy the present without worrying whether I'll forget it by posting some events here as a reminder and my personal diary. :))

August 10, 2011

Snail Mail My Email

I sent Adi a mail recently, using a Snail Mail My Email community program (click here).


Definitely the highlight of the week. Oh and my uncle is coming to Jakarta next week too, so it will be the highlight of next week.

Among other things, at least.

Surprisingly though, the handwriting of that email bears some sort of resemblance with my own (when I'm writing quickly). That 'a' and 'r' are like mine. Lol.

Adi and I were both very excited about this. :D


PS. The community program is free, but only until August 15th, I think.

Regrets, regrets, regrets

I haven't been in a good mood lately because of... well, let's just call it "something".

This... "something" always puts out something to do at the very. Last. Minute.

I really, really, really hate last minute notices. Last minute add-ons to the name tags, last minute notices to make a banner, last minute text messages for meetings (meeting's in the afternoon, text message arrived in the morning)... It's driving me nuts. I hate last minute stuffs like that because they're a complete disregard of my time management. I'm the kind of person who plans their day the night before. There are arrangements to be made, like the car, with my mom and my sister. I'm a bit squirmy to use public transportation, so I rely  heavily on my family's car and the driver. My mom is absolutely paranoid about it, so I guess a sliver of that paranoia has got into me as well. Hmmm.

Suffice to say I've never been so regretful to do... "something".

They've even lost my ribbon. It's not like I deliberately asked my mom to go away for a business trip for days and I have to stay at home because my sister most certainly can't be home alone, making me unable to come into a few meetings.

I don't think I'm best staff. I'm doing all the work grudgingly. This whole thing is a mess. Even the base idea of this "something" is not what I thought it would be. I guess the lesson learned here is to not join "something" based on rumors and sympathy.

But enough of my catharsis. I still do all the job as well as I can, though grudgingly.


PS. Don't comment if you're offended.

July 20, 2011

A late, late, late post

I actually had to view my blog first to remember what my last post was. -_-"

Hey, it's been a while. (Not that anyone cares... anyway)

I'm chin-deep in assignments, committee, and organization works. This is the main reason of my loooong absence from blogging. Beside, I really want to blog about the Thailand vacation but the most the photos were taken with my step father's camera and my laptop simply refuses to read the memory card.

It's totally an omen, right? (Of course not.)

So, I'm going to wait for those photo before the Thailand vacation storytelling can begin.

On a darker note...

Last assignments (crude translation from 'Tugas Akhir', a.k.a. the most important assignment, a.k.a. major, major, majorly important assignment, a.k.a. a huge pain in the a**) are taking their toll on me. Most of my friends who are not taking Operation Management and HR Management can relax, I guess, but noooo, I just had to take them both. Meaning double last assignments.

Though I have to say I thoroughly enjoy learning OM and HRM. They're my highlights amidst... microeconomics. That class is a total disaster. I have to catch up. But I've been watching youtube videos and napping this evening. It's crazy. I'm such a procrastinator.

*slaps myself on the face*

Wake up, Maria! Final exams (even bad-der than last assignments!) are NEXT WEEK. *does crazy dance - crazy, desperate, stressful dance*


No, I didn't slap you. I slapped myself.

A little unimportant note about me: I talk to myself a lot when I'm stressed. And my post just reflects that.  Okay, I'm going to stop here.


July 07, 2011

Heyho from Phuket!

Hello from Phuket!

I'm currently staying at Westin Sirai resort and spa. It's a great hotel, I guess, and everyone in Thailand is just so friendly.

There are two things that I'm going to say in this post.

First, the fact that I forgot to bring my camera charger. My nikon is now sittin idly in my bag with 2/3 battery life for whopping 5 days. I guess that I have to look for a charger at Bangkok, but I'm now still in Phuket.

Second, I can't be reached by email or twitter quickly. My online time is only at breakfast (and it will perhaps change by the time I'm in Bangkok). If there's an emergency or anything, I guess you can reach me through SMS. But I can't promise I'll reply because the tariff is incredibly high.

I'm very excited about thekompek 14 bidding! Even more so than the two classes of microeconomics that I'm missing today. Lol. I guess that's it for today.


July 05, 2011

Trade Offs

As some of you may know, I'm going on vacation tomorrow. (Huzzah!) It's not that I'm being unthankful or anything, but I just have to share a few of the things I'd miss because of that vacation.

I realize that in life I have to make difficult choices. Believe me, it's quite hard for me to go but an opportunity to go overseas is not something to say no to. It's once in a life time experience, in my opinion, so I must seize it. My other choices were: to attend the KOMPeK 14 (later will be shortened to K14) bidding on July 7th to July 8th, a karaoke team building with friends from BEM tomorrow, a 'kerja bakti' with BEM on July 8th, Andrew's farewell, and sending him off at the airport on July 10th- which I originally intended to do.

It's like all the once-occurring events in college life decide to be in this week. I'm going to miss a lot, including my classes (especially microeconomics, two classes of which were cancelled today and are going to replaced on Thursday... when I'm gone).

Am I sad? Yes. Do I have any regrets? Hmm. I don't think so.

I'm not a person who has much difficulties choosing over things like this. I actually learn (only recently) to set my priorities straight. That way, choosing between going to a family vacation versus coming into K14's bidding is not that hard. Family comes first. But that doesn't make me any less sadder. I do feel extremely sorry for not being able to attend our first team building. 

There's also this other thing... *sigh* I'm in the process of dealing with it. It's going well, I suppose. Hard, but well. 

Anyway. There's a K13's official disassembling today. There were rewards for best staffs, lots of photographs, and gala dinner. I'm the best staff in the pubdoc division. I feel kind of proud, I guess, but I don't feel like I'm 'best' - me and my friends certainly did our best and they deserve to be the best too. :) K13 has been such a wonderful experience where new families are found. If you're a high schooler going to attend FEUI and happens to stumble on this blog, you must definitely join KOMPeK. No regrets. I promise. 

I guess this is the end of my post today. I'm feeling rather 'blue', but the best staff certificate certainly lifts my mood. Rika, Aan, Ara, Fiona, Aklan, Fey, Jennifer, and Ayu - I love them all! Hahaha.


July 03, 2011

After Mid Exams and Going on Vacation!


<3 my hair today! Lol. I guess 15 hours of sleep did good for my health and hair. 

It's been a while.

So the mid exams are finally OVER *crazy dance*. Microeconomics, suffice to say, was a disaster. MO and MSDM on the other hand... well, I have a good feeling about them. :D

The weird thing is that I had trouble sleeping the two days of the exams. I almost didn't sleep. I slept for like, 3 hours, I think, for the whole two days. I tried to sleep early but I was like in hyper-mode. My eyes were open the whole night.

Well the hell-ish experience is over because I slept like a rock the night after the exam. I slept at around nine o'clock (That's early for me! Just look at the time stamp on this post :P) and woke up at six because of my alarm clock. But I was still so dizzy, nauseated, and I had a slight fever. I texted Febrina and Rika that I couldn't make it to the BEM team building, and went back to sleep until noon.

Even then I still felt nauseated, although not as dizzy and the fever was gone. So I managed to get myself up and went to the station, and went home. I stumbled into Yeta at the train, what a coincidence. :)

Moving on to the next topic...

I will go to Thailand on July 6th until 11th. Woohoo! For a vacation. With my family.

Mom's sunglasses. This is me in vacation mood. :9

I'm currently packing my briefcase. Unfortunately, I still have a couple of stuff from my boarding house I want to carry. Namely... clothes. For sleeping. I don't have a lot here at my house because I spend more time at the boarding house than here.

I still have stuff bugging my mind. Namely... a magazine. I haven't started AT ALL. I'm going to. Tomorrow. And there's this form.


Okay, okay. Sleep first. Not having much done being sick.